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The True Love Thing to Do Sales Rep Information

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  • Do you feel that The True Love Thing to Do is valuable for teenagers and twenty-somethings?
  • Would you like to get the book in front of young people in your favorite groups?
  • Would you like to receive a very healthy commission for your efforts?

We hope that you say “yes” to the questions above, and if you do, we have great news!

The True Love Thing to Do is available for purchase by groups, with a sales commission going to the person who closed the order with the group.

We also have a “Manager’s Sales Commision” that is available to enterprising individuals who want to manage teams of True Love Thing to Do Sales Reps.

Email us at “” to talk to us about your ideas to bring The True Love Thing to Do to groups of young people.

Note that when you send in an order, the books are shipped directly to the purchaser of the books, and then a commission check is mailed directly to you, after the purchaser receives the books.

Also note that because a significant cost is incurred by the publishers for bulk orders, the orders are non-refundable, unless the books are defective. (In cases of defective books, which we do not expect, we will work with Amazon to rectify the matter.)

We believe that young people need The True Love Thing to Do, and we thank you in advance for helping us fulfill that purpose.

With our thanks!

The Publishers

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