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Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Reprint Rights

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is easy to understand.

We never, ever distribute or sell our email list or customer details.

For any reason, whatsoever.

~ The Publishers

Terms of Use

General content is copyrighted by the World Community Press.

All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

All Other Writing Copyrighted by Individual Authors.

Reprint Rights

If you are interested in Reprint Rights please send an email to:

You may not reprint any of the content on this website without written permission from the World Community Press or an Individual Author. Reprinting includes reproduction in any form, including posting content on the Internet. Note that some written items on this website include permission to reprint in their footers. For other articles, reprint costs range from free to typical syndication rates. Permission is granted to print a copy of any article for personal offline reading. You may also post a printed copy on an office bulletin board. You may quote brief excerpts in articles for review.

You may not post a reprint on an Internet forum or any other web page, without permission. However, you may freely link to any of the content or give out a link to the content. In fact, we hope you do so! If you link to an article, you may include a brief paragraph of the article text with your link.

These Reprint Rights may change at any time.

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