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Biography of Kimmy Sophia Brown

Kimmy Sophia BrownKimmy Sophia Brown was born Kimberly Elizabeth Korman, in Utica, NY in 1955. She was raised in the tiny hamlet of Cassville, among the cows and fields until she was eleven, when her family moved to Skokie, Illinois, a predominantly Jewish suburb north of Chicago, where she learned to eat halvah and found out about Chanukah and the best selling book, "How to Be a Jewish Mother" by Dan Greenberg who had been the college roommate of the dad in a family for whom she babysat.

Her family then moved to Framingham, Massachusetts, where she completed high school. With a high school friend, she hitched around Europe during the summer of 1974. In 1975 she got in a VW Bug and rode off into the sunset, ending up in Santa Cruz, California.

Untold adventures followed. She was not educated at Harvard Law School. She did not attend Carnegie-Mellan University. Or Princetown or Brown or Middlebury or even Whatsamatta U. Life has been her university and the school of Hard Knocks her alma mater. She doesn't have a PhD in anything. She doesn't sit on any boards, unless they're nailed to a picnic table.

In 1979, she met her future hubby, and said, "I always loved the name Peter Brown!" This is the God's honest truth. There was a cowboy TV show called Laredo, starring a handsome actor named Peter Brown. She always thought that that was the nicest boy's name she had ever heard.  So when they were introduced, she knew it was destiny.

Who knew? Oy.

They were married in 1982 and in 1987 they had their first child, Tymon, followed in reasonable succession by Grace, Ranin and then Tadin.

Kim always loved to write, having that inescapable feeling that she was born to write. So, she wrote, and wrote, and in 1995, started to write a column called "From the Back Porch", followed by "MusicViews", since Music was one of her Great Loves.

At a certain point, her devoted and twitterpated hubby said, "Hey, you're my very own Sophia Loren! How 'bout if you use the nom de plume, 'Kimmy Sophia?'" She agreed, for how can one turn down such adoration?

Time passed, and they moved to Maine, and began to experience the Empty Nest Syndrome.

But Maine is lovely, and Kimmy Sophia continues her enthusiastic relationship with Art and Music and Nature and Humor and Puppy Dogs. And animals of every kind.

Life is Good. And at the times when it isn't good, she tries to remember that it's supposed to be good. What more can you do?

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