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Videos and Films

This section contains a list of our video blogs and films. Note that our first set of video blogs was called “The Culture of Heart.” Our next set will most likely be called “A Rich Life of Joy and Beauty.” We expect to start production on our new video blogs in 2017.

Video Blog: The Mowgli Factor
What will the 21st Century be like? Will it be a century of Mowgli Children? Or will it be a century of geniuses: saints; people who care about every citizen around the world; every person in every country? Will it be a century of compassion? more
Video Blog: A Rich Life of Joy and Beauty
One of the questions facing the world today is how to mesh the moral imperatives of religion with the rights of all individuals to pursue happiness in a free and democratic society. more
Video Blog: The Magnificent Divinity of Women
I believe that one of the great disorders of the world is a misunderstanding of the value and role of women. This misunderstanding has been propagated by men and accepted by far too many women. more
Video Blog: Moments of Love
How dreadful and painful are the words, "I do not feel loved." more
Video Blog: What is the Culture of Heart?
This is the first video blog in the Culture of Heart series. more
“The Epiphany of Zebediah Clump”
Watch our first film right here.
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